If You're on the Move, We're Here to Help!

Moving from one brokerage to another can be a big transition. By purchasing our On Boarding Package, we can help ease that transition.​​

On Boarding Base Cost $180.00

additional costs apply with business cards and postcards


Your license will need to be updated, some agencies will not do it for you.


You may be taking current listings with you, you will also need all new materials with your new brokerage information.


I'm sure you have a lot of online platforms that organize you and connect you with your clients, we can help with those.


Sending a personalized 'I've Moved' postcard to your client list via mail as well as a digital file to use on social media and email.

75 cards additional $116.14

100 cards additional $142.65


150 cards additional $196.39


200 cards additional $248.59


250 cards additional $363.12


500 cards additional $578.99

Including but not limited to:



RE Associations


Social Media




Including but not limited to:

Current MLS Listings

Transferring Your Calendar

Updating Your Website

New Business Cards

(we can design your new cards, we can

also order them for an additional cost)

Including but not limited to:

Updating Change on MLS

Updating State of Colorado